Dyumnin Semiconductors

Intern ASIC/FPGA Design and Verification

This program is for:

Students in either Final year/pre-final year of B-Tech/BE who:

  1. Have studied Digital Design and Verilog/VHDL as a part of their academic coursework and know the basics of Python.
  2. Have an academic requirement of 6 months dedicated Project or External Internship.
  3. Wish to explore the field of Digital IP Design/Firmware/Device Drivers etc. as a part of their Internship/Project work.

What we expect from the candidate

  1. An aptitude for core Digital electronics domain.
  2. Motivated towards engineering/electronics/coding. (Have you worked on a hobby project outside the requirements of your curriculum? Tell us about it. Show us your github page…)
  3. Self learner: Given a short requirement specification, can you come up with a plan of action and implement/verify the design?

What we work on:

Our projects vary from turnkey products to IP and subsystems, This means, our engineers should be capable on working on every part of the design from application S/W, device drivers, firmware, RTL Coding, Verification, Validation, Synthesis to PCB Design.

How to Apply

  1. Fork the repo at https://github.com/dyumnin/NCGPythonCocotb/
  2. Attempt the problem and create a pull request with your solution.
  3. On reception of the pull request we will schedule a telephonic interview

Internship Outcome

A Candidate who successfully completes the internship will have learned all or part of:

  1. Proper use of Version control system (we use git)
  2. How to analyze Protocol document/standards, Architecture Specification, Design Document.
  3. Testplan and Test Architecture creation.
  4. Design Verification.
  5. Creating Test Environment and Testcases.
  6. Design of Digital IP
  7. Synthesis, Timing Closure, Floor planning.