Dyumnin Semiconductors

Verification service (Cocotb, C, C++, SystemC)

There are dozens of companies out there who provied traditional methods of ASIC and FPGA verification using SV-UVM etc. If you are looking for something in addition to Unit, System, Chiplevel Verification, Dyumnin Semiconductors offers

  1. Custom VM’s communicating with your RTL simulation for hardware/software co-verification and device driver, application s/w development
  2. Massively parallel regression runs. (100’s of testcases running in parallel per machine). Without requiring 100’s of simulator licenses

Hardware software co-verification

Do you want to:

  1. Verify real-world scenario’s on your RTL.
  2. Provide a development platform for your Firmware, Device driver, Application Software development teams without investing in expensive FPGA’s or Emulation platform
  3. See an OS boot up, initialize, communicate, and perform actual workloads on your peripheral device. Long before RTL Freeze or chip tapeout

We have success stories in building, and delivering custom VM’s(Virtual Machines) that can be used by the Firmware, Driver, and Application team for developing and testing Drivers and Applications in tandem with the RTL development.

Unit, subsystem and chip level verification

Do you want to run 1000’s of simulation in parallel without the restriction of simulator license availability and still ensure that you meet all Functional Coverage metrics?

Our innovative use of Cocotb based simulation frameworks has enabled clients to run regressions on every code checkin (Sometimes multiple regressions per day) and fix issues on time instead of waiting for the weekly integration+regression cycle.